Acqui-Hired by top
Startups / Multinational / 1st Tier Corporations

"When we met Fusion Partners our startup was in a distress situation, Fusion managed to help us get Acqui-Hired by a multinational who took 80% of us on board, we also managed to sell our IP"
Cyber Security

High paying salaries

We will help any startup out there to maximize value and get an impressive deal.


96% of all startups fail, many due to the fact that the “stars” didn’t align right. Not every closed startup is a bad startup but in life you sometimes need to take smart decisions – we will help you find your “EXIT”

get acqui-hired

our network has a variety of industry connections , mostly to multinationals and unicorns, we scout and help them to find the best teams out there. what would you say of working with a growth company, keeping your team with you and have a successful closure.

Main Benefits of Acqui-hire

High paying salaries

Joining a new company as a holistic and synergistic team is most valuable for corporations & Companies, we will help you get access to high paying jobs

Working at unicorns

Our Client are comprised from the top 50 startups in Israel as well as over 300 Multinational companies

Live your dream

Continue developing your dream under a new well budgeted company

Continue working with your peers

You have gone a long way with your current startup team, You are now a family. we provide you the opportunity to keep on working with you startup family

Incubation & Innovtion

Many of the multinationals and unicorns we work with believe in innovation, those companies employ new innovation models and incubation models and venture creation projects.

Personal Touch

We will help and guide you personally throughout the Acqui-Hire funnel, helping you maximize your value.