Who and what t is Fusion Partner?

We are an Investment Development and innovation Powerhouse for both Hitech & Traditional Industry.

we provide a wide array of professional services and solutions to both Hi-Tech companies & traditional Industries from scouting to Due-Diligence, Special situations and turn around to leading investment rounds & M&A’s as well as complex technological projects across industries. 


The service is being provided free of charge for all startups. we charge the recruiting company only.

what service do you provide?

We specialize in pairing up start-up companies that own top-notch technology/product with clients looking to build additional revenue streams or bolster existing practices. Our broad network of Israeli entrepreneurs and investors allows us to scout and cherry-pick only the best ones from all the start-ups we work with. Startups that had been chosen after an internal due diligence process – and present an opportunity to Acqui-Hire great Teams.

what type of deals can we expect?

There are multiple deal structures that can be achieved, hiring tech-teams as a package with potential interest in the technology as well) and/or are looking to move over teams that are already used to working together smoothly

How does your process work?

we are positioned in a junction where we meet many startups, mostly startups that the “stars are not aligning right” we help them expedite their “exit’ and we help them get Acqui-Hired by other startups and corporations.

what are the main benefits?

Yes, in fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

  1. High paying salaries
  2. Joining a unicorn
  3. Continue to work with your peers
  4. “EXIT” your start up 

Customers reviews

I had the pleasure knowing and working with Ran, being at the buyers side. I have enjoyed working with him and must say that at the next time I will be selling a company, I would definitely hire Ran for the job!". Ran has introduced us relevant companies that are very close to our business, I liked the way he led the process and I warmly recommend that any startup / corporation / investor should use his unique services."
Yaniv Cohen
ceo 7-twenty
Ran truly is one-of-a-kind in the field. He quickly understands the challenges at hand and weighs up, balances and considers such a wide gamma of relevant factors in his mind. Expect clear, to the point, down to earth and yet innovative solutions, explained with an air of simplicity that one must experience to really believe.
Yoel Calek
CEO strategic Minds
Ran and I have been working on various projects relating to Leap Gaming for more than 3 years. Ran has a sharp business acumen complemented with a deep and broad knowledge of online ecosystems, strategic thinking and ability to identify synergies and growth areas. He is also a "pusher" who gets things done and a pleasure to work with.
Yariv Lissauer
CEO Leap Gaming